Where to Find Storage Auctions

A “Storage Unit Auction” is a form of treasure hunt where the participants bid for a storage unit in the hope that the cost of what is in the unit is valuable. The value of the stored services will then include for the cost of the bid and make profit. In the auctions; the participant bids for what is seen such as furniture and what is not seen, that is the packed items contained in the unit. In order to take part in storage auctions, one must establish where to find these auctions primarily near one’s home for it to make economic sense.

If you are interested in these auctions, the next thing is to look for where to find the auctions. Normally you will get the auctions by using a lookup engine. You will then get units within the area in which you are engaged after which you ought to communicate with the companies managing the storage unit auctions. You will then request an auction routine from the company which will send their routine to you.

Additionally; to locate where to find auctions, one may sign up for free or paid auction services online. This will be a simpler way as one is informed of all auctions taking place in various areas. As much as it is more economical to participate in auctions within the area of one’s reach, you may want to get a new experience in a different area.

Websites may also provide information on where to find storage unit auctions. However, one must select a reliable site to avoid misinformation or time wasting. The reason for failure is that some websites do not provide real-time information.

Additionally, if you find reading easier you may subscribe to a publication that provides schedules on where to find storage unit auctions. This may add to your cost of the treasure hunt, but it will present a good reference that uses less time and is more reliable.

It is also good to focus on a location that will give you the type of storage unit auctions’ frequency that is more convenient to your needs. In most situations, commercialized parts have a higher number of auctions than rural regions may have as there are more storage facilities and folks seek the services more often.

Another supply of information on where to find auctions may be provided by watching television. There are programs that feature this type of treasure hunting and may provide a guide on areas to focus on. However, the programs may be deceptive in terms of focusing on only success stories.

Finally, whatever the choice on how to hunt for storage unit auctions, like with any other treasure hunt one may make or lose money. However, there are ways to make this type of treasure searching fun and also profitable. To make your treasure searching more successful, it is best to combine several kinds of information on where to find storage unit auctions as opposed to focusing on one source.

Why Promoting Your Live Auctions Online Is a Great Idea

Many auctioneers today are always looking to maximize their profit made with the next auction they are doing. Why not do this by taking your new auction and making it a bid online auction as well? There are many benefits to promoting your auction online.

Here are a few of them.

Millions of potential bidders

As an auction house, what better way to get the best value for what you are selling than to have an online presence? Having an online presence allows you to be able to showcase your next auction catalog to millions of people all over the world. Imagine being able to increase the excitement of real time live bidding between people at the auction and other people from multiple locations.

Minimal Overhead Costs

Showcasing your next auction often comes with many different costs and no real guarantee that bidders will show up to your location to bid. Quite often the majority of your costs are spent on marketing and staffing your next auction. When putting your next catalog online, you are increasing the amount of traffic to your next event with very little extra costs to you. There will be no need to add extra staffing or security to handle the many extra bidders you will have attending your virtual auction.

A New Way To Market Yourself

Not only can you consider the many possible bidders you will have with an online live auction, think of having your catalog online as an added presence for your current local bidders to access your upcoming auction ahead of time. It’s a new way to market yourself to local people wanting to see a preview of your catalog before it happens! It’s a great way to create a buzz before your auction and get your bidders excited about new and upcoming items for them to bid on.

Streamlined Services

Many online auction service providers have user friendly, simple to use software that is easy to integrate with your next auction. They can even offer a service where they come to your next auction and integrate the online auction for you. How easy is that? Not only will they offer complete training to get you on your way, they have a comprehensive technical support staff to help with any questions bidders have throughout the auction process.

What better way to increase your sales, auction house presence and profits all in one than running you next auction as a bid online auction as well?

Save Time and Costs for Your Organisation by Using Online Auction Software for Procurement

In the current global economic climate companies are looking closely at every aspect of their cash flow and spending in a bid to keep costs under control, especially in the face of the ongoing commodity price speculation that makes it difficult to plan ahead.

This has led to an increase in the popularity of online auctions for procurement and to using companies that supply this service along with a detailed spend analysis to provide them with as much information as possible.

The whole process of sourcing or tendering for contracts, sourcing materials, equipment or services can be managed online in a secure environment using this software and services.

The companies that find this software and an online auction service useful cover a wide range of activities. Wherever a company has a procurement system the move to e-procurement can save time and outlay.

The online auction is particularly useful for the various tiers of national and local government and other public sector procurement but equally it can be an asset to the processes of private industry for procurement of IT, telecommunications and hardware, to business travel and office supplies. Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in many industries use these services

However any organization that is considering moving to this type of system needs to plan properly for the culture change it will introduce into their organization.

This includes setting a business plan and expectations and ensuring that expectations are understood and can be met. It may involve including trading partners when setting up the system and of course it will all need to be thoroughly tested before a switch to an online auction service goes ahead.

It is likely that any company contemplating this move will require outside support from a company specializing in providing an online auction service to help it to decide on the type of auction it requires, such as perhaps whether to go for the reverse auction model that is becoming increasingly popular.

Vendors or suppliers contemplating taking part in bidding in the new system will also need help and guidance to understand the bidding process and provide the information required accurately and in the form required.

Set up properly in a way that is tailored to the specific organization the online auction software will provide a secure electronic system that allows for storage of all relevant all documentation and get rid of the inefficiencies and risks that can happen when using a paper-based contract management process.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring an Online Auction Service Provider?

Online auction service providers are doing wonders to non-profit organizations and cause marketers. Their solutions are internet based. Hence, they are free to use and do not require any set-up fee or monthly subscription charge. Online auction service providers help to arouse maximum interest on your items for auction. Any auction-related news can reach out to the global audience, easily, 24×7. The online auction service providers also enable instant promotion of your items on Facebook, Twitter, and such other popular social networking sites.

Some key advantages of hiring an online auction service provider include the following:

Creation of Multiple Auction Sites

They help you set up as many auction sites as you want. You can easily launch an auction with set prices. Non-profits can also upload different banners and imagery on their site using a web-based auction platform.

Customized Solutions

The web-based auction service provider offers customized solutions to promote a particular auction to supporters, while using a dedicated domain name and preserving your brand identity.

Easy Accessibility

The online auction service providers offer a site toolbar that is accessible from any page on the site. It contains the name, logo, and information about the organization. It also provides a link to an existing organizational website.

Seamless Integration into Web or Social Media Platforms

Online auction platforms also enable seamless embedding of auction interfaces into third-party websites and blogs. In this way, they maximize your site’s exposure by simultaneously importing information on social media platforms, such as Facebook.

Secure Payment Management Solution

The system provides diverse payment options to the buyers of auction items. You can pay using your credit cards, PayPal, and so on. The PCI-compliant payment management solution offers multiple gateways to provide you the highest security.

Easy Accounting Service

The auction service providers feature an integrated accounting solution to process funds in multiple currencies. They include a fully integrated mechanism for managing auctions, both live and silent.

High Visibility

Your site is expected to get maximum exposure once you start using any of the online auction platforms. Potential bidders and buyers will get to view your auction items 24×7. Besides, the platform also helps the auctioneers connect with the bidders online.

Option of Uploading Videos

The Cloud-based auction platform features pre-recorded promotional video presentation capabilities. You can upload videos to promote a charitable cause to individuals and companies.

Thus, the online auction service provider brings in a user-friendly platform to connect and interact with the bidders. They enable the clients to raise funds through the auction of items and extend their reach to supporters outside their immediate audience.

There Are Many Advantages to Doing Business Using Online Auction Services

The combination of carrying out procurement of services and raw materials or inviting bids for contracts using online auction software and cloud computing has many advantages for both buyer and bidder.

The first is security if the organization uses an experienced and reputable provider of an online auction service. All documents that are generated by the tendering or bidding process can be stored securely in one location and accessed easily and efficiently with no risk of loss of an important document at a crucial stage in the negotiations.

Then there is the saving in time. Access to an online auction is available around the clock allowing bidders to place their bids at any time of the day or night within the time frame that has been set by the buyer.

Location, too, ceases to be an issue and a contract bid can be invited or submitted from anywhere in the world.

This may be useful for companies offering goods and services to consumers, who can bid online to buy a particular product and it enables the supplier to sell to a greater volume of customers than it could in a physical space such as a retail unit.

It also illustrates the added benefits of online auctions which are increased efficiency and a saving in cost, both staff time and if the service is provided by cloud computing also in the expense of in-house sophisticated hardware and back-up. With cloud hosting an organization only needs to buy the time it actually needs to use and tailor it to peaks or troughs of activity.

However, online auction software is most useful for procurement of services or inviting contract bids for large companies and public sector organizations. Companies supplying the online auction service to organizations like these invariably also offer a variety of auctions including the increasingly popular reverse auction that can help them to get the best price on a contract, but also additional consultancy services such as a spend analysis.

An experienced software supplier will also supply support services to help large organizations through the initial processes of internal culture change, training and set up of the system and will be able to tailor it to the specific activities of the organization It is supplying.

Switching to an online auction system needs to be managed properly during the transition but once the key people are properly familiar with the system and how to manage it organizations will notice a marked difference in the safety, security and efficiency of their procurement and contract bidding processes and a significant saving on costs.